All about Marco

This blog started in the summer of 2012 as a holding blog for pieces I wanted to write that weren’t relevant to Huddersfield Town, the subject of my main blog (initially at, but now writing for the Huddersfield Examiner’s blogs). The plan was that I would write about the issues of the day in football, and post around once a week. I called it From Inside, Right, because it was always going to be largely indicative of football I hadn’t actually attended.

It has worked relatively well for that. I’ve posted probably a little over once a week, and have run a prediction competition with a couple of my close acquaintances here; I’ve never intended for the blog to be incredibly popular, but I’ve written a couple of posts that seem to have struck a nerve with people, which is always nice.

I’m happy to take questions/requests/abuse, whichever you feel best, either in comments, or at – or I tend to mill around at the New 606 site for Huddersfield Town, sometimes posting my blogs on there for a bit of debate with generally like-minded people.

Hope you enjoy it.

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