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I think whichever team won today, it was going to feel like a landmark moment for women’s cricket. I’m heartbroken for India, who grew so much during the tournament but were found cruelly wanting at the last (it is that individual examination that makes cricket such a wonderful sport), but delighted for England, who have achieved so much already but have now been given the stage they deserve.


These are the girls that could conquer the world,
And these are the girls that did it,
These are the girls who left nothing inside it,
Gave everything, never once hid it,

These are the girls who were stung by defeat,
And bounced back not once but again,
These are the girls who became more than that,
Who believed in themselves way back then.

These are the girls who scored hundreds of runs,
Who took plenty of wickets as well,
These are the girls in the huddle straight off,
As soon as that last wicket fell.

These are the girls who conquered the world,
And this is their moment today,
These are the girls who will always be ours,
To look back and to think “They could play”.