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A bit late with this one, but I didn’t know whether to go through with it or not. I did, and here it is.

A sprint is much more than a bicycle race,
Of mentality as much as it is about pace,
About strength in the legs, and to lead or to chase,
About strength in the head, to be in the right place.

Yet it wasn’t just that that we saw in Vittel,
There was strength but we also saw weakness as well,
We saw elbows and shoulders and Cavendish fell,
We saw so much that happened we just couldn’t tell.

We know Arnaud Demare raised his arms for the win,
But beyond that its hard to know where to begin.
With Sagan booted out? And is Cavendish in?
And is raising an elbow a cardinal sin?

In short the last metres were a horrible mess,
That showed less about racing, and more about stress,
And what will come next, well its anyone’s guess,
It’s the mountains tomorrow, so a different test.

And Demare will begin not in French shirt but green,
And he’ll smile and he’ll wave as he falls off the screen,
As the climbers come up and burst onto the scene,
On the mountain that rises from Plancher-les-Mines.