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The shadows still not lengthening,
The sun still beating down,
And Derbyshire are toiling on,
At the 3aaa County Ground.

Ned Eckersley is in for ten,
Billy Godleman the ball,
The hosts are watching runs build up,
Not threatening at all.

So eighty overs come and go,
A brand new cherry brought.
Bright red leather, golden text,
The power of the thought.

It has to take some wickets now,
It cannot go for runs,
But Cosgrove’s giving nothing back,
And building to his ton.

He gets there with a boundary,
The new ball works a treat,
As Leicestershire start feasting on,
A Derbyshire dead on their feet.

You want to play in sunshine,
But sunny days are tough,
When Cosgrove’s in a gorgeous nick,
And you’re running out of puff.

It’s his show now, the boundaries come,
A four, another four,
The new ball isn’t stopping them,
Just adding to the score.