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The Lions roar early,
And pressure the box,
They earn a few corners,
But struggle for shots.

The Bantam spirit livens,
With a rapid, rapier move,
Marshall threads in Billy Clarke,
It’s slick, it’s smart, it’s smooth.

But when Clarke pulls the trigger,
Jordan Archer stretches out,
And fingertips the effort wide,
When the shot was in – no doubt.

The effort steels the Yorkshire side,
With visible belief,
Marshall and Clarke dominate,
While Millwall seek relief.

McMahon and McArdle then combine,
For a header with little threat,
Bradford keep pressing as Millwall drop back,
But there’s no more real danger as yet.

Marshall a string-puller,
Meredith, too,
Millwall just absorbing,
But able to do.

The Millwall set pieces,
More effective than play,
They forge some half-chances,
But find men in the way.