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We convene.
From North and from South,
From East and from West,
To one place, to one town.

Bound by our common history,
Bound by our common geography,
Bound to the families who brought us here,
To all the joy and pain we have shared,
We convene.

We talk.
We talk of the past,
We talk and we laugh,
We talk of happiness and hope,
We whisper of agonies never forgotten.
We convene.

We remember.
We remember the recent,
We remember the ancient,
We remember those who are no longer with us to share,
We convene.

And across from us, they convene,
They talk of their sorrows and pain,
They talk and they laugh,
They remember their own history,
Remember their loves, and hopes.

For one day,
We sit together,
We hope together,
We dream together,
For one day, our stories are written together.