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Just a quick one detailing the end of Stage 6 of the Giro that ended more excitingly than I thought it might. I had to wait until late for the highlights, so this isn’t news, its more reviews.

Five hundred metres, still three at the front
And they’re looking around at each other
Four hundred metres, the break still away,
And any move easily covered,
Three hundred metres, Andreetta appears,
Too far back to offer a threat,
Two hundred metres, and on goes the gas,
Dillier’s not finished, not yet.
One hundred and fifty and Postlberger’s gone,
Fading back and away from the race,
One hundred metres, its Dillier, Stuyven,
Shoulder to shoulder at pace,
Just fifty metres and still locked together,
Apart by not even a length,
At the line! At the line! Its the Swiss man who takes it,
A pedal stroke, maybe – a breath.

Its Dillier’s day and its Dillier’s stage,
His first ever at a Grand Tour
By the smallest of margins, but a margin no less,
His first. Will there be any more?