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There’s a frisson of excitement when joining a chase,
Every ball can be breathless and it feels like a race.

And that one is clipped over slip for a four,
And Yorkshire require just seventy more,

That one looks tight but they’ve gone for the run,
And they’ve made it through and added one,

And Ballance is back and he’s cut that one through,
But it’s stopped at the rope and they’ll only run two.

Durham need wickets, but at least they’ve got dots,
Making the Tykes play their run scoring shots.

The pressure is on, and they can’t seem to score,
But they still need another forty five more.

The runs now are coming, ones and twos scored,
Ballance and Handscomb are ticking the board,

Then it fuzzes a minute and Ballance is gone,
And you’ve no idea what’s going on,

But still there is Handscomb and the total is nearer,
And Marty and Cally are louder and clearer.

The target now is under ten,
With Bresnan at the other end,
It isn’t if, it’s only when,
And Yorkshire win.