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I love this time of year; cricket is so easy to follow and matches, even if you’re not fully across them, are easy to catch up with – the Twitter of highlights and updates is a fabulous thing. Kent were playing at Somerset today and, while the 352 they put on the board looked big, Somerset are not a team to write off at the moment. The quote came from the BBC radio commentary.

“And Harris bowls, this could be it”,
And van der Mauwe swings a hit,
As Somerset go three from three,
Their highest chase in history.

Despite Bell-Drummond’s patient ton
and Alex Blake’s astounding one,
A hundred off just forty-six,
All kinds of shots and all the tricks,
Despite the damage that inflicts,
The Taunton crowd just watched transfixed.

Yet even then was nothing won,
To 353, the chase was on!

A slowish start and wickets fell
An injury to Wayne Parnell,
Made just four overs his whole spell
Joe Denly had to bowl as well.

By then the hosts were on the charge,
With Peter Trego going large,
Six sixes in his 135,
The run chase more than kept alive,
As Hildreth followed Elgar.

And though the batsmen came and went,
It never really felt like Kent,
“And Harris bowls, this could be it”,
A victory for Somerset.