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(Round 1-Day 3-Yorkshire v Hampshire) 

Couldn’t get the ending I wanted for this one straight away, so here it is a week after the game it is talking about.

It takes a day to bat a day,
Especially in April, at Leeds.
The hosts should bustle and harry and press,
The challenge must be the game.

And Hampshire lost just six all day,
As Yorkshire sought but flailed,
To find the right intensity,
But nothing ever came.

It was there in patches for Bresnan and Coad,
But never enough to stem the runs,
They made Hampshire sweat from time to time,
But nobody’s afternoon flamed.

The problem with trickles, as Yorkshire took wickets,
Is that in the sun they can dry,
The six weren’t enough for the 3-2-1,
With only the batsmen to blame.

To Hampshire the spoils, to Hampshire the points,
To Yorkshire the drawing board,
There’s Sidebottom yet, and there’s Brooks to come back,
But what is another name

When the batting collapses with Ballance the ballast,
And nobody sticks at the crease,
There was time left, and much time, to post a huge lead,
But Abbott inflicted his shame.

It takes a day to bat a day,
Especially in April at Leeds,
And Hampshire did exactly that,
And Hampshire won the game.