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You’ve got to be up pretty early in the morning to see a Bangladesh batting collapse, but there was one for the ages earlier this week. There was a whole load of historic stats about that one that saw them fall from 171/1 to 220 all out, the most prominent is that it was the joint second worst 9-wicket collapse from a team who reached 170 runs with just one wicket down.


That’s the kind of wicket-losing that you don’t expect to see ever so often, so imagine my surprise when I got in from work in time to see New Zealand batting in the last ODI in India. Chasing 270 to win, they got off to a poor start (just like Bangladesh) before rallying. Then, just like Bangladesh, it all went wrong as the innings fell off a cliff.


I factored both graphs with 250 runs, even though New Zealand got nowhere near that. This was just a curio while I’m looking through a bit of stuff about Bangladesh. Not sure if that will go anywhere, but this is here anyway.