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I watched Sevilla’s game against Leganés at lunchtime today and Samir Nasri’s goal to put the visitors two to the good felt like poetry when he scored it, so I tried to ensure it became so.

After a simmering opening forty five,
Sevilla led Leganés but the game was alive,

And the hosts at the restart were heavily pressing,
Though their profligate strikers kept swinging and missing,

Sevilla seemed dangerous, though just on the break,
With Ben Yedder and Vietto alive and awake,
Then just on the hour, Escudero went running,
Past halfway, past defenders, and produced a stunning

Pass to Vietto, who had presence of mind
to play it inside, with intention to find
the onrushing Nasri who had cut in from wide,
and drilled a low shot to the keepers right side,

For all the world Nasri looked to have scored,
But Serantes dropped quickly and forcefully clawed
it clear. Samir reacted and rolled the ball in,
For 0-2, he might well have thought for the win.

And it was, though it wasn’t, Leganés fought back,
Their attacking was vibrant but defending was slack.
The visitors climbed to the top of the table;
Leganés were willing, but their Sevilla were able.