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So, following the methodology below, I thought I’d take it ahead to the current League One and League Two promotion battles. Again, the cumulative points one is a mish-mash of difficult to ascertain lines and dots.

16-02-19 League One CPoints

It looks almost like the twisted spires of fire-ravaged church reaching up to the sky – though it is worth noting that when significant gaps appear (such as Burton have now) it is more clear what is going on.

With the percentage graph, it is far more like a running league table (in effect, that’s what it is) which illustrates the good and bad runs of the teams involved, even though it takes a little while to settle. Also worth paying attention is the two points per game ratio. That would require 66.7% of the points to be obtained which, at present time, is a figure only Burton are getting anywhere near.

16-02-19 League One %Points

So there you go. League One’s top three in graph form.