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Just a short one demonstrating something I was thinking about the other day. Its strange how the same set of figures can manifest itself so differently when represented from another perspective.

I’d been looking through the results of the 1931/32 Serie A season; it was Juventus’ 4th title, they finished a wee way ahead of a Bologna side who led the way most of the campaign.

16-02-19 C Points

You can see, can’t you, that Bologna started a little better than Juventus, then went on a bit of a run just after the two sides met in December, while the meeting in Turin at the end of May was terminal to their season. That is clear, but it is also fairly tight and difficult to read. I was looking at that graph dissatisfied with it, when I happened upon the idea of the same numbers but in terms of the percentage of points won. I like it for 2 points for a win, because you’re either getting 0%, 50% or 100% of the points on offer. Its neat like that. 3 points for a win might be a little messier.

This graph is a lot more satisfactory, it actually looks as though the seasons is settling down, like a bottle of lemonade that has been shaken and calms. The two meetings between the sides were crucial, clearly, but taken this way it looks as though Bologna’s season was propped up by their good start and then gradually got worse and worse – I suppose that’s inarguable, but the relentlessness of that Juventus run at the end is far more evident seen this way.

16-02-19 % Points