I’ve always enjoyed poetry; while it would wrong to suggest I read huge amounts (though I do have a fair few anthologies – most recently Lord Byron) its a form of writing I find to be pure and dextrous, as if words are dancing on the page, taking the shapes they’ve been moulded into, rather than in prose, when they’re already fully formed when they’re used, and the structure has to be built with them in that form.

Its the difference between Lego and plasticine I guess. Lego can take you anywhere, but only in the shapes allotted. Plasticine can go anywhere and do anything. That’s how I see the words in poems. Infinitely malleable, only rooted by the base of comprehension. As such, having been reunited with some old poems of mine, I’ve also started to write a few new ones (one and a bit to date, but I’ve got a fair few couplets in mind for others).

I haven’t forgotten the European Effect posts (though the next one is taking a lot of working out) nor the history of Bologna in the European Cup (that’s on the way, probably over the next couple of days – will be covering the Rossoblu in the 1950s) but outside of that framework, there’s other things that ought to be published here. Sports things that I want to comment on, just that in this case, its in the form of poems. This post, I guess, stands by way of apology for their arrival.