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I’m sure I’m not the only person who peruses football scores from all over the world in case something peculiar has happened; you’ll have seen me Tweet screenshots of surprising things – quick hat-tricks, silly comebacks, multiple sendings off.

The Eesti Karikas (the Estonian Cup) deserves a post of its own. Allow me to signpost why it drew my attention.


Both those games took place on June 13th. That’s fifty goals – unanswered – across two games. Yes, Infonet are in the top flight and Virtsu are non-league, but 36-0 is an extreme result.

Eesti2 Eesti3

There’s the goals and their minutes divided into halves.

Ludicrous results are only part of the story, though. I can take ludicrous results with a raised eyebrow and a knowing nod. Look at the names of some of the teams who are attempting to reach the second round.

Here’s a selection of first round fixtures (I’ve boldened my favourites) – or, in a couple of cases, results.

  • FC Jogeva Wolves 1-2 FC Like & Share
  • SK Imavere Forss 6-2 Tallinna FC Twister
  • Navi 4-0 Warrior
  • Taaksi 10-1 Icebears FC
  • Lelle v. Moe FC
  • Poseidon JK v. Rumori Calcio
  • Roosad Pantrid v. Tartu FC Bronx Wood
  • Joker v. Kuusalu JK Rada
  • Eston Villa v. Tartu FC
  • Marjamaa RJK v. Transferwise FC
  • Retro v. Peedu

In short, the Estonian Cup is brilliant. They give random byes (spread throughout the leagues) for the early rounds, so the likes of Lootos FCR aren’t involved yet despite being non-league. There is, obviously, a huge imbalance in some of the teams. And, perhaps best of all, some of the teams have wonderful names.

Keep your eye on it. The first round is going on practically as we speak.