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It has long been in the pipeline, and I’ve certainly posted on here about exactly this, but the season Bologna reached the European Cup is something that I find utterly fascinating. To wit, I’ve got several shreds of articles written about the events leading up to it, the events contained within it and over and around it.

Eventually, there’s a fully story in it somewhere, but of (I would imagine) excessive length for one single post here. As it is, then, I’ll try and reposit the bits I’ve done into shorter ‘Chapters’; they may not come in the order they would be intended, though will initially, as I’ve made a start, but have been sitting on them.

As with all things, I can’t guarantee when I’ll get time to publish each bit, but I’ll label them the same way – all will have Bologna, European Cup and BITEC as both Categories and Tags, though obviously, each will have tangential aspects as well.

If there’s an obvious place for something to go (a match report, or some such), then I’ll indicate it, likely with a date for which it relates. This should be quite a cathartic thing, to be honest. I’ve got a lot of notes, scribbles and ideas, so by dispensing them in bite(c) sized pieces, it should allow me to break free of them. We shall see. I hope you enjoy these over the weeks, months and years to come.