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The draw was made for the Capital One Cup yesterday (Huddersfield Town got Notts County, so thanks for that – potential banana skin ahoy) which was, as has become customary, divided into Northern and Southern section. I’ve pored over that draw, and I reckon there’s two more ties in the North than the South, but if you want to correct me, then feel free to do so.

Anyway, two of the stand-out ties (if not for ‘that looks ace’, more for ‘FTH?’) were Derby at Portsmouth – that’s Derby of the South, you understand – and Gillingham at Plymouth. They’re both a jiggins of a way to get to for both sets of away fans and, given this competition isn’t the most glamorous anyway, look set for fairly low turnouts already.

Here’s the distances the (away) teams in the North, as I understood it, will have to travel for their game. 15-06-17

Good news for Bury and Leeds, not so good news for Blackpool and Chesterfield – though with a peak of 173 miles – which is a not insignificant distance.

Here’s that same graph again, confirming what I initially though. Gillingham and Derby have been right royally screwed with that draw, while Dagenham fans can practically walk to Charlton after work.


That’s all really.