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Imagine my surprise the other day when I was surfing the web and the following popped into an advert box on a page full of cartoon Guy Fawkes’.


Such a thing – a Football League club…. just…. appearing will always catch my eye, so I kept trained to the box rather than the political firestarter. It flicked over.


Now, its always nice to see clubs being ambitious, though I’m not certain how the club will change its ambitions from the ‘promotion’ they aimed for last season.


Aha! Its just an advert for next season’s season tickets. Yet, it was just in the ad-scheme of the internet – punctuating my surfing. Impressive marketing strategy for a club who will be guaranteed that a good many people who see it will be utterly unlikely to buy a Brentford season ticket (myself amongst them).

If you are interested – and I’m not affiliated with Brentford in any way except quite liking them, and I’m not being paid for this (to wit, I’ll take this post down if asked), I just thought it was worth a mention – the prices are the fourth screen of the advert.


Not a bad price, not a bad advert, not a bad font.

Good work, Brentford, and good luck. May your #BigNewAmbitions bear fruit.