…is typing the phrase “XXX XXXX gave me” into Google and seeing what famous people have given the internet users. It started with ‘Don Johnson gave me a Siberian Husky’ and followed quickly into…. ‘Scott Baio gave me pink eye’

Male Songwriters

Leonard Cohen Gave Me 200 Franc

Bob Dylan gave me hope

Bruce Springsteen gave me copyright permission.

Paul McCartney gave me permission to sing Yesterday

Sting gave me a welcome!!!!!

Neil Young gave me a song writing lesson at a half-price rate¹

Billy Corgan gave me a virus

Elvis Costello gave me the best radio show I’ve heard in ages

Paul Weller gave me 20 Rothmans

Dizzee Rascal gave me brain damage


Vladimir Putin gave me 1,000$

Barack Obama gave me hope today

Nicolas Sarkozy gave me – through
Yves Jego – his formal agreement for an interview

David Cameron gave me ‘soft, girly’ job

Alex Salmond gave me this Adam Smith quote he’d scribbled out

Nigel Farage gave me this medal at Bournemouth

Leon Trotsky gave me a monograph on Dialectical Materialism

Tony Blair gave me the same reply as John Scarlett

George W Bush Gave Me Writer’s Block!¹

Silvio Berlusconi gave me cash after we had sex

¹Coincidentally, both of these come from Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam.