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Another Peruvian game, another Inti Gas match. Coincidental maybe, but it was nice for comparison’s sake.

So, what happened? When I joined this, it was 1-1 and Union Comercio (Trade Union) were playing very very deep allowing Inti Gas all of the ball, safe in the knowledge that their deliberate attacking allowed them plenty of opportunity to set themselves to repel attacks.

Both side filled those roles rather well throughout, with Inti Gas looking to their strikers to drop deep and flick on balls that were played just short of the box, but singularly failing to do so.

All that said, the best chances came to the visitors on the break, as they managed to get enough men forwards to get shots away, even if Inti Gas (now without a win in 13 games – D6 L7) were able to deal with them fairly easily, too, the best being a long ranger that Mario Villasanti was able to tip round the post with only three minutes to play.

Then, in the 93rd minute, with Inti Gas looking to get a last-minute attack going on the halfway line, there was an absolutely wonderful tackle put in, which gave Comercio the ball from which their couple of men surged forward. They could only muster up a corner, but from that set piece, Joao Villamarin nodded home. Last gasp victory, then, and well deserved.