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Torino again, Sunday night again, you know the drill.

So, what happened? After the excitement of the win at Cagliari, the visit of Fiorentina filled me with no little trepidation – I know that it represented the first of a pretty stinking run of games for the Granata but with three points on the board, Fiorentina hadn’t been great and there was just that inkling of a chance if Ventura allowed them their heads.

For the first half, that’s just what he did. Quagliarella looks more and more like the player he was, even if he’s unlikely to last 90 minutes, and Torino – although still sitting deep (I think it played out as 3-5-1-1, though it was more likely 3-3-3-1, to be fair) they broke at speed just like last season.

It worked, to a point. Quagliarella scored again and though Fiorentina threatened, they never managed to get their play going until the game had started to fizzle out. That said, by the time Boubacar went through and tucked home late on there was a growing sense of inevitability. Fiorentina were never going to lose this game and Torino never going to win it. Both did acceptable impressions of the opposite, but the truth was evident. Draw was fair, but Toro are looking again like a team who won’t get sucked in at the bottom (though they may fall further first during that run of hard games).

Entertainment Value? 5/10