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Sunday night brought a Monagasque lamb to the Parisian slaughter.

So, what happened? Another one that I saw the dreg end of (that’s a theme, I was chasing my footballing tail all Sunday) but saw enough to realise that Barcelona or no, PSG’s players are not ‘up’ for Ligue 1 games. Even against a fellow Champions League team, Laurent Blanc’s side looked disinterested in their game, even with OM seemingly disappearing over the horizon.

Yet they were 1-0 up when I tuned in because Monaco were (and are, even after this) abject in the buildup to this and I was not optimistic when I tuned in.

Perhaps that explains why I’d stopped paying attention when their last gasp equaliser went in; I just couldn’t see any way they’d score, so naturally they did – a bundled finish that left Sirigu sprawling and just looped over his desperate claw. Still, it’s a point, and that works for me.

Entertainment Value? 4.5/10.