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Haha! An English game. See, they’re out there. In here. On here.

So, what happened? I was a little wary of this one knowing how Wednesday’s games tend not to feature too many goals and, I have to admit, having seen the bulk of the first half there was clear indications as to why. Wednesday had the better of it, but Leeds were stubborn enough and, if there was any danger of any danger, weren’t afraid to put a boot in.

That redoubled during the second period, especially after Chris Maguire had drilled the visitors ahead – a spell of five yellow cards in six minutes a lowlight, and there could easily have been more, even if Bellusci’s was somewhat undeserved.

He got his revenge, though, a little way after that spell. Showing all the technique one would expect of an Italian centre-back he controlled a returned ball from a corner, steadied himself, and placed a lovely shot across goal into the bottom corner. I’m not, as you’ll appreciate, a huge Leeds Utd fan, but I can appreciate quality when I see it and for all it was lacking in large parts of Leeds’ game (and Wednesday’s to be fair) it was definitely present in both goals.

Two highlights in an otherwise forgettable affair.

Entertainment value? 5/10.