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Well, another game of inches. I was out walking in the woods during the first half, so this exclusively a second half thing.

So, what happened? I’m confused by this game still; not sure how much I saw for real and how much I saw through Roma tinted glasses because most of what I saw was Rudi Garcia’s side controlling the game (albeit without too much effect or involving Juan Iturbe – though obviously he did an excellent goal) and Juve doing a largely spoiling job in what was a pretty bad tempered affair. As I say, I wasn’t fully in match mode (and it certainly wasn’t the worst tempered match I saw over the weekend) but I couldn’t see how Juve were going to get three points.

And then, like Juventus do, they did. The ball dropped to Bonucci just outside the box and his shot raced through a group of players into the net.

It was clearly offside. No bones about it and no bias – the goalkeeper’s view was blocked by a player beyond the penultimate man as the shot was struck. That’s how if goes, though. I don’t think it means a conspiracy, it means a bad decision.

That said, the glee with which Juve’s players celebrated left a bit of a bad taste in the mouth – almost as if they were celebrating getting one over on justice as much as beating Roma.

But they did beat Roma, and it was an amazing, amazing game.

Entertainment Value? 6.5/10.