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Again, it was on, and it looked faintly interesting.

So, what happened? This was on the Wednesday evening and I tuned in because I was trying to work out quite what time it was in Peru – this must have been a 3.00 kick off in midweek; to be fair, it was a game of precious little quality.

The green shirted Los Caimanes (the Crocodiles…excellent) were at home, such as it was, and made decent running on a pitch that looked a little like it had been recently ploughed. In fairness, that probably ruined the game as a spectacle as any attacking play – and though both sides looked slow and laboured (Los Caimanes, particularly, had a couple of players who were carrying more timber than one would like) the fact the ball held up regularly on the pitch can’t have helped either.

During the second half, it got a little bit violent – tackles flying in and cards flowing like rain – Ronceros was sent off for the home side, then one of the visitors got his second booking. Both of these sides are mid-table in the Clausura (though Los Caimanes need some points to avoid relegation overall) and even as the game was closing out there was no real sense of urgency.

It was an interesting watch but it isn’t a game I’ll carry with me.

Entertainment Value? 4/10.