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It was on. What else can you say?

So, what happened? I didn’t see all of it, just a bit before Bayern scored and a huge swathe afterwards, but I think its fair to say that even what I saw was abject.

Bayern were comfortable in their gameplan – no need to win, no need to exert themselves after the goal and in very little danger throughout. The stats show they had 73% possession and that fits very well with how well Pep Guardiola’s team didn’t only control the ball but the entire game. CSKA were virtual puppets throughout and – though they managed to produce occasional ‘almost’ moments of ‘almost’ quality, it was eminently forgettable.

As a result of my train getting in at a convenient time, I quite often see the early Champions League games in patches and I can’t remember one that has been even nearly watchable. Its as if instead of taking the eyes of all Europe as inspiration to produce a spectacle each side is cowed by the attention.

The away win was the fair result, but I hope never to darken my eyes with a single memory of this match again.

Entertainment value? 1.5/10