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At half time in the Basel game, I noticed there was half an hour to go here – well, just over – and with Olimpiacos down, figured there might be a story to tell.

So, what happened? It was just pressure and more pressure from Olimpiacos, the last line of defence resting just inside Atromitos’ half and the midfield buzzing around the space between with Affelay and Mitroglou both trying to assert their influence on the game – the former was ‘victim’ to an absolutely crunching challenge just outside the penalty area that saw his teammates livid as no freekick was (rightly) awarded.

The plan from the champions seemed, always, to be to work the ball to the right flank and then swing in crosses for Mitroglou. It was a limited plan, but worked pretty well, and they certainly forced a few very good saves from the keeper.

One point of order in that I couldn’t discern any reason that some players’ names were in Greek on their shirts, and some in English – perhaps their nationality themselves. Other than that, Atromitos tried a late freekick at goal from the centre circle that was woeful, Mitroglou got booked for taking a freekick and from 85 minutes onwards, Atromitos went from 4-5-1 to a very definite 4-6-0.

It worked. They held on.

Entertainement value? 4.5/10