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I missed the opening part of this (see a theme?) and Toro were 1-2 up when I got to it, but I remember previous clashes with Zeman while he was at Pescara.

So, what happened? Having seen a huge disappointment from last season, this game marked a vast improvement. Torino looked like the 2013/14 vintage finally. Compact, yes, but explosive.

That lasted throughout as Ventura’s side and Cagliari both slugged at one another all match. Admittedly, it was without much success after half time, but that’s not to say without entertainment.

Quagliarella looked freed on his own, while Amauri provided a completely different when he entered later. After a number of shocking Torino games, this was actually fun to watch and (I hope) signalled what we can expect for the remainder of the campaign. Cohesive, if clearly missing the quality of Cerci and Immobile, it resembles the Serie B promotion team a little, except with Amauri in the Bianchi role.

I wrote about Torino

before this game; you can read about it on ForzaItalianFootball (See here)  – it got good reviews; particularly my criticism of Amauri.

Entertainment Value? 6.5/10