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The more of these graphs I’ve drawn recently (season by season reviews of non-penalty goals and assists / 90 minute periods) the more hypnotic I’ve found them. Generally, they’ve been illustrative for players linked with Huddersfield Town, but they tell a story in and of themselves.

They’re league games only, if you wondered (bad news, Bradford’s run to the League Cup final) but I think it shows James Hanson in a more positive light than I reckoned, and Jon Stead proves far more value than I recognised.

Anyway, this is just somewhere to put them, so here they are.

14-09-25-BenikAfobe 14-09-25-ChrisWood 14-09-25-GrantHolt 14-09-25-JamesHanson 14-09-25-JonStead 14-09-25-MartinPaterson 14-09-25-NahkiWells