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Continuing the second venture into second tiers on Saturday, BTSport were helpful enough as to show this 2. Bundesliga clash.

So, what happened? I was a little bit tentative about putting this one on the big screen; German second tier could be something of a tricky sell to Mrs Marco, even though she likes a bit of football. As it happened, it started like a train. Neither side got a particular foothold in the game, but they got fair amounts of footholds in each other as fouls, and yellow cards, rained down. It probably helped that the Greuther (and Slautern, to be fair) fans were in fine voice – all in all, it looked and sounded like something far more than it was.

When Kaiserlautern took the lead through Ring during the first half, it was probably deserved – they might not have looked especially cutting going forward, but they showed more intent – Greuther’s forays relying on the pace of the widemen (Stieperman in particular) looked a little laboured.

Stieperman's dink

Stieperman’s dink

It was a different story in the second half. The Green and Whites came out and imposed themselves on Kaiserslautern, grabbing an equaliser fairly early on – a lovely dink from Stieperman after he was put into space by a Slautern defender and then continuing to push and push forward, certain that there was a winner in them. There was, and it came from Tom Weilandt. Fürth had been struggling prior to this game, lingering in mid-table, but there was a definite sense of things coming good during this match. It remains to be seen if they can carry it forward – the midweek fixtures bring Aalen to town, and with 3 wins from 3, you’d have to fancy Greuther.

Entertainment Value? 8.5/10 (though the first half was 9)