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I was away over the weekend and grabbed the opportunity to catch parts of games where I could, the first being (perhaps unexpectedly) this one. I’ve held a mild fascination with Rijeka after Torino played them in a friendly a couple of years back, and figured it might be worth watching their second half to get a handle before their Europa League game in the week.

So, what happened? Vedran Jugovic had put Rijeka 0-1 up early, so I was hoping to see Osijek really going for it during the second half, but was greeted with an appalling pitch that was really badly cut up – must have been really difficult to get any passing going, and Rijeka playing very much a containing game.

It was, in truth, comfortable. As much as Osijek tried to get some sort of a foothold in the game, perhaps the fact that they were unable to do anything at any pace meant that Rijeka could keep possession well enough when they needed to and ensured that they could keep enough men back to keep Osijek at arms’ length (and beyond).

Come 90 minutes and without even the threat of a grandstand finale, full time was something of a blessing. Osijek looked like a team who have struggling for form.

Entertainment value? 3/10