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Friday night is France night, and what better to watch than Ligue 2?

So, what happened? Creteil played really well for huge parts of this game, but managed to score twice while I wasn’t watching, which was a touch unfortunate. Meanwhile, Clermont offered very little going forward, even though they looked robust at the back, yet I saw both of Idris Saadi’s goals; the first, during the first half, from an improbable angle on the right hand side.

The second, rather embarassingly for a Creteil side who had all the impression of going on to secure a comfortable enough comeback victory before a harmless cross looped up off a defender and wrong-footed the Creteil keeper enough to ensure he palmed the ball only into the path of Saadi, who gleefully gobbled up the opportunity.

Clermont’s general tactic was to hit hard and fast on the break, their only release from the pressure Creteil built – even though at a largely pedestrian rate – being counter-attacks that looked to have promise, but never had the quality to produce much from them (note the amount of men in the box for each of their goals). It was, then, a curious affair. Creteil had the best of it, but laboured. Clermont looked poor doing what they tried to but scored twice anyway. Good Friday night fun.

Entertainment value? 6.5/10