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God alone knows why we decided to tune into this – no particular affiliations to either side, pretty much the opposite end of the Championship than I need to pay attention to and on a Saturday lunchtime, but we did, and oddly watched it all.

So, what happened? Forest dominated the game in a way that I guess I expect them to do against a lesser side. That Wednesday would have gone ‘top’ with a win is perhaps a misnomer here. Forest were streets ahead and, though Wednesday have started well, on this showing, the two will not end particularly close to one another at the end of the season.

I think this captures the whole game. Lansbury scored, Antonio was near the centre of the action, and the Wednesday fans got more and more annoyed.

So, yes, Britt Assombalonga showed flashed of why he’s so highly rated without being exceptional as Forest scored their goal a little before half time and then seldom looked threatened later – it wasn’t just shelling, either – Antonio and Assombalonga particularly allow a fair amount of penetration on the counter-attack and, though no chances particularly spring to mind, they certainly looked as if they might get a second.

Wednesday’s best moves went through the giant Austrian/Yugoslavian Adthe Nuhiu, who looked a handful for anyone on this display, but ultimately for all his power and presence (he had a fabulous shot from just outside the box) couldn’t beat Darlow; the closest he came was thwacking a late shot off a corner off the outside of the post. Forest deserved winners, Wednesday bettered but they’ll meet and beat worse teams than Forest this season.

Entertainment Factor? 6/10. Was better than I remembered when I thought about it.