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‘Super Sunday’ rolled round again, and despite flicking through the Bundesliga games (and catching the end of that thrilling 0-0 between Freiburg and Mönchengladbach) I ended up sticking with the second half of Spurs v. Liverpool.

So, what happened? Well, I was expecting better from Spurs (as most were) but the reality was that Liverpool were just too good – Raheem Sterling looking better and better; little can be added to his run through the Tottenham defence and into the box, but if he’d finished it, it would have been Georgiou Kinkladze-esque, but at pace.

Oh, and Moreno’s goal was an utter peach – determined run, a brief moment where it didn’t look as if he knew what he was doing, then a decisive sprint into the box and smashing the ball into the far corner. A fabulous goal.

Balotelli debuted as well. I guess I should mention it – but only seeing the second half, he didn’t do much.

I worried, as I’ve explained in these pages before, that Liverpool would lose something over the summer and once Suarez had gone. Much as neither Balotelli nor Sturridge particularly showed themselves in the portion of the match I saw, there was a definite purpose to them, a determination, a quality, and a wave of attacks that eventually drowned the London side.

I’m no Liverpool apologist, and (truthfully) it doesn’t matter that it’s a club with birds and flames on its chest that is playing the way they are. If any English side was doing it, if any side was doing it, it would be just as infectious; Rodgers has his team playing to win every week, and every week gives his players freedom enough to express themselves. Sunday afternoon they came up against a Spurs team that had looked deeply impressive previously and swatted them aside with all the elegant majesty of a Michael Vaughan cover drive.

Their top-level opposition may be greater in number this time around (and certainly Manchester City looked to have more to offer than they showed in their win) but Liverpool could end up just as close to the title this time around as last time quite easily, yet will have got there being the most fun to watch of any of the teams at the top. I don’t quite book my seat for their games, but I certainly don’t mind watching them. There’s not many English sides of whom I can say that.

Entertainment factor? 7/10