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Third Ligue 1 game in and the cracks were already showing at Marseille; a lovely puppet-inspired cover of France Football asked who was pulling the strings and, honestly, over the last couple of games it has been hard to tell.

Still, changing to the ways of Bielsa was always likely to be difficult, even if the rewards at the end are full of promise.

So what happened? It looks like it’s beginning to click. Sure, I only watched the first half (missing Gignac’s winner by a matter of seconds) but the team that looked laboured and uncertain last week were vibrant and inventive this. So often they broke forward at speed, getting the ball wider and wider like a rugby team to either ping it in, or Olay diagonal passes inside.

Yes, Guingamp weren’t the greatest opposition, but Marseille will only be playing Ligue 1 teams this season, so they’re a fair benchmark. It just looked as though the attacks were controlled though rapid, and the defensive coverage was all players hurrying back to cover – the kind of thing that makes you have kittens against better teams.

For one half, then, and one goalless half at that, there were signs that Bielsa might just be able to get Marseille to work. Tougher times lay ahead, but this match will stand as a marker in the sand – they can do it.

Entertainment factor; 7/10