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Knowing that there was due to be an Ajaccio derby this season was exciting news for me at the end of last, and I’d pencilled it in as one of the ‘must watch’ fixtures when it came about; given that it started a full hour before Chelsea’s trip to Burnley, don’t peg me as some irascible hipster – I’ve always had a fondness for AC Ajaccio, ever since I was mistaken for one of their players once. It doesn’t make me a fan, but someone who wishes them well. Add that to the fact they’ve got Dennis Oliech, the greatest of all the Kenyan footballers, and count amongst their fans Alizée, the most lovely lady in all of France, then watching them doesn’t seem such a ludicrous thing to do early on a summer’s evening.

So What Happened? Sadly, my stream for this one was patchy, so I missed a couple of interesting incidents. The game started with GFCO pressing, albeit with a lack of quality and AC trying to catch them on the break. Both sides looked to be taking time getting into their stride, but then after about 10 minutes, it started to get a little – as the vernacular would have it – tasty. Tackles were flying in, largely around the centre-circle, and there was a number of flare-ups; as befitting a local derby, even one that has been played so infrequently (I think this was the fifth).

It was from one of those resultant free-kicks that Fauvergue put the visitors ahead with a lovely far post volley back across goal. That brought the match further to life though I missed the sending off because of stream freeze. If I was guessing, it would be for a physical confrontation, because it took place in the AC box, but I missed it, so it would be imprudent to comment on. Either way, it pretty much meant game over. Although AC looked a little more likely, their best chance came about by goalkeeper and defender getting in a tangle on the edge of the box, allowing Oliech to tuck home the loose ball into the empty net. Beyond that, GFCO huffed and puffed but never looked like blowing the house down, while AC were happy to sit back and try catch them on the break – the visitors looked more likely, but not a lot.

Entertainment Factor? 6/10

₁That’s open to debate, but I think she is.