I’d been hoping to see Marseille play in pre-season, but hadn’t managed to do so. As such, I pencilled in the Bastia game – the Ligue 1 opener – as an opportunity to reunite with the new-look team under Bielsa.

I was hoping to catch a glimpse of Batshuayi, too. I can’t believe he’s better than Romelu Lukaku but his stats at Standard Liège were impressive. Time will tell.

A bit annoyingly, ESPN kept showing the Williams Sisters semifinal over the beginning of the game, so I had to do it on Bet365.

So what happened? Basically, loads of attacking and not so very much defending, which started frustratingly as Maboulou put Bastia ahead with a strike from 20 odd yards straight through Steve Mandanda.

OM rather took over from there, but it didn’t look anything much different from previous OMs, though Thauvin looked a little better than usual, and Gignac looked sharp again.

It was ebby and flowy, and when Gignac put Marseille 1-3 up it looked over. Credit to Bastia for their determination in pulling it back. Much to my disappointment, but not at all undeserved.

Entertainment factor; 8.5/10