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I wasn’t planning to watch any of this because I’ve maintained a healthy dislike of PSG for many years, but was drawn in by the fact they were 2-1 down at half time. Sure, I expected them to come back, but figured it might be worth keeping up with how they did it.

So what happened? Strange, really. PSG attacked pretty relentlessly during the second half, but it always felt calm composed and steady. Until they got anywhere near the box, and found the Reims defence in stern mood, and scary.

Zlatan May have scored early, but when his flicks tricks and freekicks aren’t coming off, he looks every bit the showpony he’s accused of being. Rather than inspire, the fact so much of their attack came through him was more frustrating.

At the other end, Reims provided a threat on the counter (indeed, might easily have made it three) but were more concerned with not being washed away by a Parisian tide. They just about succeeded.

Excitement level; 6/10