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In an effort to keep tabs of the football I see/hear, I figured to keep mini-reports (MR) from each game/significant section of a game (more as a personal record, than anything for everyone). I’ve seen a couple of friendlies, both Liverpool, and snippets of the Emirates Cup, but I’m keeping this for competitive games only – and no more than 200 words.

I watched the second half of Darmstadt’s game against Sandhausen yesterday (2. Bundesliga), tuning in with the home side 1-0 up and the visitors down to ten men. I’d earmarked it, because I know a chap who lives in Darmstadt, and I know it was their first game in Zwei for a long time.

So what happened? To be honest, not a lot. Darmstadt were making the best of the extra man, trying to work the ball out wide as much as possible (the left full back, particularly, bombed on a lot) but the quality of balls going into the box was mixed, at best. There was a fairly nasty challenged from Darmstadt striker Stroh-Engel, leading with his elbow on a Sandhausen defender that precipitated a flurry of forceful tackles and a few yellow cards.

In the end, despite the spare man – which they seemingly kept in the middle of the defence – Darmstadt were comfortable. It would have been interesting had Sandhausen been able to offer more of a threat, because the game sort of petered out during the second half with both team resigned to the final score. Still, a good result for Darmstadt, who went as high as second in the embryonic table – reflection more on the amount of draws in 2. Bundesliga than their own quality. They will have to show more than they did to stay safe this season; as for Sandhausen, no comment to make. They contributed only reactively.

Enjoyment Level: 5/10.