I had a more recent look at James Vaughan’s contribution to the Terriers here but the points I make there, and the graphs I drew, are not so very surprising.

2013/14 – at least to start with – seemed to promise much for Vaughan but as time wore on, his injuries recurred and recurred and by the end of the season it seemed to be a bad joke.

This is where we are now, with Vaughan being extracted from involvement in pre-season friendlies and looking increasingly likely to impoverish an already pretty dismal Huddersfield attack.

James Vaughan wincing - courtesy of www.express.co.uk

James Vaughan wincing – courtesy of http://www.express.co.uk

As such, I stand by a number of points I made at the beginning of last summer except one.

Bristol City may have had a striker that Town could go for but it wasn’t Jon Stead.