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After a couple of years running my Huddersfield Town Prediction League, I feel it’s time to strike out to a game that allows me to cover the full gamut of the English game. The concept is simple. As a match lasts 90 minutes, so each of those minutes can represent a squad on a bingo card. Bingoal is simply the selection of a collection of teams to score goals to fill that card.

If one of your chosen teams score in the 4th minute, you cross off 4. If they score in the seventh minute, you can cross off 7.

I am hosting this first season of BinGOAL on a forum I frequent, but will be willing to accept entries from in any medium (although the rewards relate to that forum, so you’d be playing for fun or pride otherwise). You can find entry details at this post along with a little more detail.

All you have to do is pick the teams; four of them – one from each division. Now, of course, you could easily pick four of the best teams in each division if I allowed free rein, so I’ve put one little caveat in place. There are numbers to the right of each team – representing the goals the teams scored last season. These figures are not exact, sometimes it’s a team in an equivalent position from a year before, or sometimes a specific addition. Those numbers, for all four teams, cannot add up to a number higher than 250.

That’s one from each division, with a Goal Figure no higher than 250.

So, for example – for 237 Goals.

Prem: 54 – Southampton, Champ: 67 – Brentford, Lge 1: 63 – Swindon Town, Lge 2: 53 – Oxford United

It’s really that simple. I will be running a game every week wherein I publish an actual bingo card, and your four teams will go for a line but the big tamale will be the 90 minute card and the first to complete it.

Here is the Bingoal card for Week 1 (the first week of the league season).


House Keeping

– 250 has been chosen as it seems to take a striker around 240-ish goals to complete their personal bingo, and I’m not going to set it at 246.

– Goals in injury time will count as 45 and 90, so they will, undoubtedly, fill up early on.

– Entries to be in before the first kick of the first game of the season. Anything after that will be too late.

– The minutes will be taken from the BBC to ensure consistency.