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I was bored this morning, and one of my mates sent me a picture of the Birmingham 1992 logo, so I thought I’d have another look through the failed Olympic bids. Doing that, of course, gave me the idea of constructing an alternative sporting history of the world – a collection of failed bids for global sporting events, that might once upon a time have happened but eventually didn’t.

I had considered comparing the cost of all the events, even going to the length of reading a research paper about the Olympic costings (published in 1996) which, although it informed me that, in real terms, London 1948 was put together at about 1/20 of the cost of Berlin 1936, had too many gaps to make it truly worth my while.

Forgive me the indulgence of a big list of names, then.

Couple of key-notes for it.

In red, there’s the cities wherein the Winter Olympiad was offered to the nation that hosted the Summer Olympiad, which was relatively common in the early days. In green, there’s the cities/countries who initially won the vote, but ended up not being up to the task either because of volcanic activity (Rome) or paucity of funds (Colombia).

I would also like to point out that there’s all sorts of stuff still out there for a lot of these bid cities – there’s logos which are quite easy to find, there’s mascots for some of them (generally the World Cup) and posters and all sorts of things.

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