There’s a storm gathering around Arsenal’s forethought in ensuring that the roads around the Emirates are closed for their potential bus Tour should they win the FA Cup against Hull City.

Massive club, big club arrogance, all sorts of insults are being thrown about aimed at the Gunners.


Arsenal have to book the route otherwise they would be unable to have the parade in the event of their victory in said game.

Just as, a little while ago, Liverpool needed to advertise positions for stewards for their potential title winning parade. That they weren’t needed in the end is moot.

If these clubs failed to ensure steps were in place to hold a victory parade, that would be a massive problem. In planning, even if planning for success means they have to take some steps that cannot be undone in the event of failure, they are big clubs.

Big clubs are the ones who get these things right. Hull may well have taken the same steps; I hope so. The Tigers’ fans deserve a parade if they bring the cup back to Humberside and preparing for that eventuality is simple common sense.

I love the idea that there are Birmingham Olympics 1992 t-shirts out there in the world. Barcelona obviously succeeded that yime3, and Birmingham feels a completely anomalous host, but in that spirit, I’d love one. Birmingham dreamed big – you have to.

In short then, you lose nothing by preparing to win. You can throw the losers’ ribbons in the bin if you need to, but you can look damned silly if you never had them in the first place.