Discussion on Football Weekly Extra led me to check out Birmingham City’s home record against historically bad versions of the same. Admittedly, a 23-game record of 2-8-13 isn’t great, and its reasonable to think it might be the worst in some ways. Here’s a few rankings of that disappointing campaign at St Andrew’s.

Home Win Percentage

Having won just 8.7% of their games (2/23) there’s scope for them to be high up in that regard – but Birmingham 2013/14 rank as low as 13th in the all- time worst HW% behind such luminaries as the Sunderland team of 2005/06, the Woolwich Arsenal team of 1912/13 and Rochdale’s 1973/74 team. Well worth noting that all those teams finished bottom, though, so Birmingham will have the worst HW% of any team that didn’t (breaking the record of the 1976/77 Southport team, who had an equally bad record as the Workington side they finished above) which is something, at least.

Here’s the graph down to Birmingham.

Home Game PPG

With a meagre 0.61 points per home game, Birmingham are bound to be towards the worst home records of all time, and sure enough they’re towards the top (or bottom) of this ranking, too. Again, we get the likes of Sunderland 2005/06, and Notts County 1904/05, but the Blues are a way down this chart. Its worth looking at them, but 18th is nothing to write home about. Must try less hard.

Home/Away Points Differential

This is something I keep tabs on to see the regulation of home and away points change (as we drift into a more away-friendly Football League) so its not a huge surprise to see more recent teams on this list – a list that Birmingham stand second in. Of course, this could change tomorrow – indeed, it HAS to change tomorrow; so this graph looks a little different. I’ve got shadows indicating a best/worst case scenario for the Blues – the middle one is current, and the upper and lower are, obviously the best/worst case scenarios (obviously don’t need to point out that these are all in the 3 point for a win era)

If anything is going to make me hope Birmingham win a game, it’s the fact that they could have a best-ever away v. home record in the Football League. I’m genuinely excited by the prospect. More seasonal league records as and when.