I was thinking of English-based players who might be approaching the Bingoal, and my first thought was the Liverpool striker.

For those who didn’t see Jordan Rhodes’ Bingoal chart, its a measure of how many minutes of a game a player has scored in – which is why the extended 90th is generally so popular; lots of goals come in the last minue.

As you can see from the graph here, I’ve taken 257 of Luis’ goals (from Uruguay, Holland, England and International and Under 21 football) to get the figures, and he’s very, very close.


This graph is correct as at 28/04/2014 which means only one thing – another cut-out-and-keep Bingoal Board. That’s right. Keep it in handy, folks, because Luis is only five goals shy of a Bingoal!


(If anyone has any other Bingoal suggestions – get in touch)