Did you notice when Jordan Rhodes scored against Sheffield Wednesday recently? I’ll guess not. It was the 15th minute. It was also his sixth goal in four games at Hillsborough, though he’s never scored in a home game against the Owls.

Exciting stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree. It’s the fifteenth minute I want to focus on here. J0rdan’s now (25/4/14) scored 158 goals for club, country and U21s at a rate of one every 137 minutes. That figure is actually, and coincidentally, the highest it has been since he scored four in a game at Hillsborough for Huddersfield.

15, as it happens, means there’s only 14 minutes in which Jordan hasn’t scored a goal during his career. You want proof? Here’s a really long graph with each goal on it.


I guess, as is traditional with my posts on Rhodes, that I ought to include the career goals per minute line – so that’s here. Consistency is very much the thing with Jordan, I think we can fairly
comprehensively say.


Ultimately, then, if you want to do yourself a printable checklist (maybe keep it in your wallet if you stalk Jordan around the country waiting for his goals) then you can play Rhodesbingo with the following chart.