One of my favourite things to do this season has been to plot the Premier League in sections before and after February 2nd. Why then, you might ask? Well, it represents the last game Arsenal played before they imploded at Anfield in a game they’re (seemingly) yet to recover from. Don’t believe me? Have a nosh on these watermark illuminating graphs.


Here’s the first – a simple PPG comparison for every team before and after that date (its before the Sunderland v. Tottenham game on 07.04, incidentally); and shows quite how far off course Arsenal have been blown.

I know what you’re thinking – there’s too much information to process on that graph. Maybe there is. If you think so, here’s a straight ‘How many points have teams gained since 2nd Feb in comparison to Arsenal’s 9?’ graph. Deal with that. Hard-hitting stuff, clearly.


Lor lummie indeed. Them there Gunners are in a right two and eight at the moment. They want to sort themselves out they do. Or not. I have to be honest, I don’t much care.