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Its important to stop and take stock of what has happened recently sometimes, and the ‘all-important Christmas period’ is one of those popular times. I saw one book-maker offering prices for the team who would win the mini-league that would be played over that time (the four games that surround Christmas and New Year) so I thought it might be worth a look at who has done the best and pick out some of the notable features of it.

Firstly, congratulations to Brentford, who have had the best festive period of any team. Honourable mentions, too, for the Cities of Leicester and Manchester, who join them on four wins from four. Worth noting that five of the top ten are Premier League teams – indicative of the strength of the squads of the top teams in the land (and all the more remarkable for Brentford, I would say; as well as Scunthorpe Utd, Plymouth and Middlesbrough – the middle of those three is a particular surprise in that spot for me).

The flip side of that coin may be Yeovil Town; their thrashing at Huddersfield won’t hit them as hard as the postponement against Watford, one would think, due to its intention to be televised. The other bottom-dwellers aren’t particularly unexpected. Millwall, Stevenage (who had the poorest record of any team over 2013) and Cardiff all down there, and Bradford are bang out of form at the moment. Reading and Oxford being so low is a surprise to me, however – they seem to be the teams who will be ruing the ‘thick and fast’ nature of these festive games.


As for my team? Huddersfield are 41st. Neither good, nor bad. Neither excelling nor flunking. A season encapsulated in a Christmas period, and a happy one at that. Ho. Ho. Ho.

Oh, do you want it split divisionally? I’ll do that for you, because I’m nice like that.


I won’t leave any comment in that except that the teams that would change in the bottom two divisions are….interesting. As a final note – the article I saw recommending the ‘Christmas Period’ bet recommended Aston Villa at 14/1. Good luck with that.