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Seeing rumours that James Vaughan was due to miss today’s game for Huddersfield v. Yeovil, I was drawn back to the idea that he missed too many games to base an attack around him. This would mark the seventh game he’d missed (sixth in the league) which makes his ten goals look all the more impressive.

I had a quick reckoning of the other players in the Championship who’d scored ten or more goals – eleven players so far, headed by Ross McCormack. They’ve missed a combined 17 games in all competitions, which rather suggests Vaughan is absent more than he should be – though admittedly three games were due to a petulant red card at Leicester (for whom top scorer David Nugent has missed four games – third to Troy Deeney at Watford).

So there’s only three players who are on the list despite having missed a proportion of games. Of those, Deeney’s absence sees Watford maintain their 1.4 points per game ratio while Leicester have won every game in which David Nugent has been absent. Huddersfield? It would be a drop from 1.58 ppg with Vaughan to 0.67 without. That’s almost a point per game that Vaughan’s presence ‘earns’.

There’s more to this, but I don’t want to get drawn too far into it before I know for sure if he’s playing this afternoon. All I will say is that Town are heavily reliant on him and, if he doesn’t play today, Yeovil at home represents the kind of game a team should hope to win if they are to stay in the division. It will be interesting from that perspective.